Bloody red tulip, silver tipped thorn,

why leave the night to the dead and forlorn.

I call out the reason, i shout out the name,

in hopes that the devil will come to the game.


Stillborn blue iris, tendrils of pain,

you rip open wounds again and again.

i try to be caring , i try to be kind,

and yet all the while you demand i be blind.


Rotting grey lilies, fruit with no rind,.

i look for your love still there's nothing to find

If i scream loud enough, will you tell me the cost,

or can i assume that Iíve already lost.


Scream with me , scream with me ,embrace the rage

weld all the locks that seal your cage



Fetid black fungus, souls double crossed

i grovel for light in this pit Iíve been tossed

Velvety endings , eyes with no sight

old blood drips softly to bring on the night



Scream with me , scream with me, rage in the dark

paint with your pain till gone is the spark.