We follow the path, we follow the plan.
we follow a leader, we follow the 'MAN'.
But what if we lead, to a place that is higher,
and throw what we follow, back into the fire.

We follow, we stumble, we fall on our face,
so pity this planet, and its poor human race.

We search for the light, we search for decision,
we search for it all , in pain and derision.
But let us abandon all the power and wealth,
and then put our fears, back onto the shelf.

So blind in the darkness, still blind in the light.
Who ever shall see, our back turning plight.

We know what is right, we know what is wrong,
we have know all these things, for ever so long.
But we cast this aside for an easier life,
and cut our own throats with this ignorant knife.

Be it lead or to follow, be it search or to find,
the path is before you. not just in your mind.